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 stats tut is here

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PostSubject: stats tut is here   Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:09 pm

stats tutHello guys and girls
Today i decided to tell you all i know about the car maker, some stuff you might know, some you might not

1.lets start off with how i draw cars ect.

i dont draw on paper, i simply use MS paint. and notepad, the reason for this is because you can set the setting to be pixels on the ruler, giving you the exact size with out multiplying

and i use a scetch pad ( a pad where you can hook it up to your computer and draw with it with a pin that is givin to you ) then i simply follow the basic car making ways. ( draw the y and z axis, ). this saves on money ( sence u dont have to buy a rules or paper )

now, sence omar has told everyone about the GR effect, and im sure you can fiind more effects on this fourm ill skip this part.

2. Next is scale and align.

A. Now from what i have found out, moving the cars body and wheels on the Z axis to the center will give your car a better flipping ability even in both back look and forward loop, and rollspins are very easy to pull off.
Points of intrest: better overall stunt controll. simple handling

B. if you move your cars body and wheels on the Z- axis your cars handling will be slightly harder to turn more stiff and cant take turns well ( car with similer placing: radical one ) the more you pull it back into the z- the more the effect
Points of intrest: Decreses the ability to turn sharp, but maintanes spd when turning no need for brakes or accl. effects backloops sending u up in the air higher than usual. frount loops skyrocket you forward (similer to r1 )

C. the same goes for z+. if you move your car forward, on the Z axis it will have better handling for sharp turns ( similer to grand ark *wink wink* )
Points of intrest: Increases the ability to turn sharp, but loses spd while turning, needs good accl to get back to max spd. effects loops, making it where if your cars nose faces the air, it will sall out. if you cars nose is facing the ground it will dive downward to the ground, gives better back loop ablilty, decreases forward loops

D. moving the car up on the Y+ axis will make your car float. making some stunts unbearable. dosnt effect handling.
Points of intrest: If maxed out has slight hypergliding ablility ( must be more than 100 on wheels ), to do this you have to reverse it, insread of point the cars nose in the air, you have to point it down to the ground. decreases backloops badly. boost forward loops, and rollspins

E. Moving the car down on the Y- axis will make your cars camra move up, and decrease handling somewhat due to the effect the car becomes shaky. again if moved down enough, hypergliding becomes possbile, its much easier to hyperglide this way. sence you dont have to face the nose of the car to the ground.
Points of intrest: hypergliding possible of moved down enough( must be more than 100 on wheels.) Decrease handling, massively boosts backward loops, lowers forward loops, and rollspins

3. Nothing on wheels, other than rims can be any size and depth.

4. Stats. again not much on stats,

A. to max out 4 stats put 200 spd, accl at 124, stunt at 148, strength at 16 and endrance at 192 and put physics at


and it will give you 4 max stats, for kicks, max out handling, for 5

B. iv noticed if you use the + and - button youll get an error saying stats are in correct, and when you go back to it it says A and B class when it was A class. problem?

this is a simple fix: after getting your right stats

simply move the 201 on strenght and endurance to spd and accl, and save and preview. done no error.


A. ok, on the 1st screen on physics, bouncing. apperelly, it effects powersave the more the less powersave, the less the more powersave

B. on the 2nd screen of physics, for wasting: put all on the right side to either. all zero, or lifs other and push others max. for racers: put gets lifted by 0 and gets pushed to 0-50 so if you do get hit, you wont be combo'd to death. aslo on this page for great powersave put aeiral rotatons spd, 0 and aerial controll 0. for weak powersave but the ability to AB put both at max.

C. next page. on page 3, the less radius you have, the less damage you take, try to make it: LOW AS POSSIBLE. for maginitude the more you have the more maxmag your car has. try to make it: HIGH AS POSSSBILE. roof destrution... dose anyone even use that?

6. Specail.

A Masheens endurance!!!!
ok we have all tired it at least once to get masheens almighty defense, well prase the heaves. cause i have found it: here is how, max out strength and endrance, then put spd to 16, and accl to 16. i have found out that the lower your cars spd is the more hits it can take and the more damage it can give out. HOWEVER. if your physics "pushes others and lifts others" are not maxed. you will have a extreamly hard time wasting and be taking more hits than you giving out. remember > low spd = more defense and powersave

B. Masheens powersave.
simple put spd 150 or less. and lower aeiral controll and rotation spd to 0 with bouncing at 0. and done.

i hope this was useful if you wish for an easier explantion please post why :3 good luck and enjoy
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stats tut is here
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