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 my tut new!!!

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PostSubject: my tut new!!!   Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:32 pm

, I'm gonna show you guys how I make my cars. Since my graphics card is from the the Jurassic era and Bandicam and Camstudio doesnt work in my PC, Im gonna show pics instead. I know it sucks, bear with me.
You must have Sketchup PRO.
You must be paitent and not go: "Oo, Aventador posted his tutorial! Imma go make a hundred cars and beatchy'all!"
This is for those who has a functioning brain. If yours is going up and down, what are you doing here?
Just follow the steps and if you have any questions, just ask.

#1 Download a model(whichever you like) from the 3D warehouse.
Go to "Sort By Relevance" and click by "Sort By Rating".
Pick one of the last one which probably has a low rating.
The lower the rating, the easier to explode (Which I will discuss later)

#2 Once youve picked your car, press <ctrl+A> and press <s>.
Shrink it, so when you import the pieces, it wont be gigantic.
Press <ctrl+A> one more time , try to position the car to origin, which is the "0" on the green, red, and blue lines. (xyz)

#3 O.K., now to the irritating part. Select the model and Right Click on the mouse and click on 'explode'.
This may take a couple of minutes so have a little paitence. If the model is not completely seperated, 'explode' it once more.
Delete the wheels, the interior,Side view mirrors, wipers, the engine(if its a mid-engine car), logos(badges) and any other useless details.

#4 Now, explode all the panels and body parts one the left(or right) side of the car one by one. This may take a while.
Once everything has been exploded, draw a huge rectangle across the middle of the car.
Make sure that the rectangle overlaps all the boundaries of the car.

#5 Right Click and click on 'Intersect: Intersect with model'. This will take a couple of minutes and will probably lagg.
Make sure you dont have any other programs running. Afterwards, delete the other side of the car and the huge rectangle since you wont need them.

#6 Now, select one part of the car you want to start with, in my case, the hood. This is probably one of the hardest so bear with me.
Make sure that 'Hidden Geometry' is not checked in your "View" menu bar. Click on the part and delete it.
Try to straighten out the edges but not too much. Cover up the part with big triangles for better merging.
Once youve done that, Select the 'recreated hood' and all its triangles and press <ctrl+C> and then <ctrl+V>.
Right Click and select 'Flip along: Green direction' and join that pieces with the original piece. Makes sense?
You only need to 'Flip' sections that are the once in the middle if the car, the rest can be mirrored in the Car Maker.
Make sure your car is in the MIDDLE of the (G,R,B ) lines or else you wont be able to mirror some parts in the Car Maker

# 7 Select your finished section (right click + <ctrl>) and go to 'File>Export>3D Model>Select OBJ Format>Click 'Options'>Mark 'Export only current Selection>OK>name your file>EXport.
Make sure you name the parts specificaly

# 8 Once youve finished recreating the car panels, import them one-by-one in the car maker. (You must know how to merge polygons, if not, go to Project DUB's thread in the Car Making techniques)
Merge the triangles. Mirror parts that werent in the middle. This is probably the longest part. Once youve merged all the panels' triangles, join them by selecting and pasting them altogether. Make sure you still labeled which is which.

# 9 Scale ( and edit if necessary) the car to desired size (please make it realistic) and you know where to go from there
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my tut new!!!
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